Experience and Curiosity…

...obtain their energy from opposite directions. After more than 30 years in different management positions, business models and company cultures in international contexts, I was driven by these poles to adjust my professional focus.

This resulted in an offer especially addressed to Managers. It focuses on support in critical situations of leadership, decision making and change in business reality and personal development.

I consult managers in challenging situations which sometimes can be resolved by pure practical business know-how. But more often the reflection of their leading role, responsibility, team environment and existing courses of action is addressed.

As an Advisor I support and accompany managers with expertise, suggestions and opinions in a business-oriented sparring process.

As a Coach I guide managers towards agreed objectives in their professional development process or support them in handling and solving problems.

As a Mediator I lead and consult clients or groups through a targeted process of conflict resolution. 

There is plenty of room for my experience and curiosity. And I get the chance to work even more closely with committed people. This is what motivates me.