Executive Advisor

Target Group

As an advisor I address business managers with executive responsibility or another prominent management position in a company.

Managers on such decision levels often find themselves in situations where in terms of important topics of their leading role they   

  • are looking for exchange, advice, impulses or new perspectives
  • want to discuss, test or analyse situations and ideas
  • have to verify advantages and disadvantages of solutions
  • need to examine conflicts of goals or different options in a neutral way
  • are planning changes and have to prepare appropriate framework conditions
  • feel challenges with regard to approach, execution, clarity or complexity

Sometimes the desired critical, constructive, trustful and „non-political“ partner or the necessary expertise is not available in a concrete management situation or decision process.


I understand the advisor role as an individualised support and accompaniment for managers in critical decision and change processes. It can focus on the development or reflection of options for action, serve the preparation or execution of a subsequent implementation and may include practical questions around business management and leadership.

Therefore the form can vary and run through different steps:

  • clarification of potential subject areas, form of co-operation and formation of a solid trust level
  • establishment of the current status from the perspectives of business reality, team environment and management position
  • development and reflection of options for action
  • decision making, implementation planning and implementation support

Depending on the topics my role changes between elements of 

  • sparring partnership
  • business expertise
  • sounding board
  • critical thinking
  • bigger picture 

This will happen in mutual agreement and as a trusted partner with an external and neutral perspective.

Besides listening, asking, analysing and clarifying the process, my side will also include information, references, experience, methods, proposals, problem solutions and on rare occasions doubts and warnings.

In specific situations it may be necessary to include additional partners in the discussion or to directly involve a team of relevant key players in the work. As and when required in these cases my support can be expanded to include the required moderation and team facilitation.

Under certain conditions the co-operation may also touch on personal problems and development objectives which go beyond the pure business content and context. The inclusion of business coaching elements (see Management coach) in the advisory process can be agreed on in the mandate and positively influence and stabilise the result of the support. 


The following subject areas describe key aspects of my work over many years. As an advisor I’m not only focused on the underlying business methods. First and foremost the successful management and the authentic leadership during the translation into concrete company structures very often form the kernel of the support and create the practical benefit. 

Business Strategy & Business Model

Develop and structure the objective and direction of the company

Vision, Values & Culture Change

Prepare vision, agree on values and change company culture

Business Case & Roi

Investigate the need and decide on the scope of change with all options regarding effort and cost

Transformation & Reorganisation

Define and plan necessary changes with all elements and impacts

Stakeholder Management & Communication

Ensure the support of all stakeholders and information flow

Change Management

Understand change and all its repercussions and focus on human factors

Business Programme / Project Management

Implement change and manage result, costs and time

Programme Office

Coordinate workstreams and maintain overview

External Consultancy & Selection Process

Introduce external expertise and support and manage a proper selection

International Teams & Virtual Management

Create motivation and consider different cultures

Process & Organisational Design

Optimise workflow and organisation and adapt to each other

Harmonisation, Shared Platform Services & Outsourcing

Harmonise business structures and ensure focus

Legal Entity Change

Simplify legal setup in countries and implement all consequences during roll-out


The collaboration is largely based on a trustful 1 : 1 relationship. The duration depends on the topic and in most cases is quite a long-term process over several weeks or months.

The discussions take place in regular individual talks of one to three hours in general. The actual rhythm and expenditure of time is based on the urgency and flexibility of the client. Between these appointments additional conversations by phone can be agreed as needed.  

Usually the work takes place in the client's offices. But external rooms can be used upon request. In this case an appropriate setting for conversations is provided in Berlin-City, Friedrichstrasse 133 (see Contact).

I work for clients in Germany as well as in an international context and the working language is German or English.

I would be happy to answer any further questions via the specified lines of contact.