Management Coach

Target Group

As a coach I work closely with business executives and managers in companies of any size and industry.

In many cases managers experience the permanent variation and extension of their leading role, their personnel and organisational environment as well as their own goals and expectations as a motivating challenge – however sometimes also as a problematic burden. 

  • At the beginning of the management career the themes are focused on the new and growing demands on one's own performance and the changing relationships to the colleagues and the team. At the same time the possibilities of an uncomplicated and open exchange are diminishing. 
  • In the middle of the career development, extreme demands and permanent changes are the main challenges. Often this leads to conflicts, stress and decision pressure. One's actions and future personal development are increasingly questioned. But the time and opportunity to reflect on and to push these subjects forward is lacking. 
  • Toward the end of the career concerns and uncertainties in terms of personal perspectives and the control of the business exit can creep in. Motivation and performance may suffer and the possibilities for exchange and constructive understanding are limited because of the age pattern in the immediate vicinity.

In such situations managers occasionally seek support in

  • dealing with problems and conflicts
  • looking for solutions
  • preparing of decisions
  • acquiring capabilities
  • testing behaviour
  • gathering orientation
  • weighing up alternatives
  • evaluating experiences


I understand my coaching role as an extra-occupational and one-on-one consultancy for managers.

Due to the high degree of specific topics and personal relationship, management coaching is always individual and less formalised. But in general the process runs through the steps of

  • getting to know each other, establishing a relationship and deciding on co-operation
  • defining topics and objectives
  • clarifying initial situation
  • working stepwise on themes
  • evaluating process, results and expectations
  • closing of coaching relationship

My role is primarily about shaping and leading this process and focusing on the underlying solution-oriented approach.

Next to the exclusivity of the 1 : 1 relationship, a three-way constellation often forms through the consideration of additional company staff (e.g. management / human resources department). The confidentiality of all parties is of utmost importance here. The client will decide on any form of information out of the consultancy and into the company.

Sometimes topics will be addressed during the coaching process which relate to methodical questions of business management and a proper discussion and solution would go beyond the classical coaching approach. The inclusion of principles of business support by expertise, suggestion and opinion (see Executive advisor) can be agreed in the mandate and can add further elements to the outcome of the coaching.


I support clients especially with reference to the following themes:

Current Challenges

Difficult labour or transition situations regarding personal role and professional identity / change of surrounding conditions in the organisation 

Professional Development 

Self-development / career planning / definition of vision and objectives / motivation


Consideration, clarification and implementation of critical proposals


Difficulties in relationship, interaction or communication with colleagues or within team 


Expectations and self-confidence / time overload / setting priorities / self-management


The collaboration is carried out as an individual consultancy and is therefore always based on a trustful 1 : 1 relationship. The duration of this working relationship depends on the themes and objectives and will be agreed at the beginning of the process. As a general rule five to eight sessions of one or two hours each take place over a period of a few months.

Usually the conversations do not take place in the client's office environment in order to ensure an undisturbed and reflective consultation. Therefore an appropriate setting for conversations is provided in Berlin-City, Friedrichstrasse 133 (see Contact).

I work for clients in Germany as well as in an international context and the working language is German or English.

I would be happy to answer any further questions via the specified lines of contact.