Profil von Holger Hausfeld als Führungskraft, Management Coach und Berater in Berlin

Individual Management Support

The outlined service offering utilises – alongside complementary training as coach and mediator – particularly my practical management experience of more than 30 years in different management positions, business cultures and company sizes in Germany and Europe.

I was always lucky to work together with colleagues who could introduce many different perspectives in terms of business experience, responsibility, knowledge of human nature, seniority, young and fresh creativity, ambition and team understanding. This influenced and formed me and sets the scope for my consultancy. 

For me personally it became more and more important to create clarity in business objectives and action, to accept continuous change as normality, to provide leadership also in unclear situations and to establish and guarantee trust.


I consult executive managers in challenging situations of leadership, change and decision making in business reality and personal development.

Management Coaching

Guidance in the process of problem solving and professional development:

  • Current challenges (changes in the organisation or regarding personal role)
  • Professional development (career planning, definition of objectives, motivation)
  • Decisions (consideration and implementation of critical proposals)
  • Conflicts (relationship, interaction or communication with colleagues or within team)
  • Pressure (overload, priorities, self-management, self-confidence)

Executive Advisory

Expertise, suggestions and opinions in a business-oriented sparring process:

  • Business strategy, business model, business case, ROI
  • Transformation, reorganisation, change management
  • Culture change, stakeholder management, communication
  • Programme/project management, programme office
  • International teams, virtual management
  • Process/organisational design

Business Mediation

Guidance through a targeted process of conflict resolution:

  • Conflicts between managers
  • Conflicts between manager and employee
  • Conflicts within teams and working groups


Freelance Professional (Since 2014)

Management Coach, Advisor, Mediator

Sony Europe Ltd. (2003 - 2014)

Head of Transformation Office Europe
Head of Change Management Office Europe

Oracle Deutschland GmbH (1994 - 2003)

Regional Director Consulting
Head of Demand Creation
Head of Integrated Technologies
Practice Manager

Mountain Gate Data Systems / Lockheed Corp. (1990 - 1994)

Project Manager

Academy of Sciences (1983 - 1990)

Division Manager
Head of Department


Business Coach

Business Mediator

Executive MBA

Doctor of Science / Dr.-Ing.

Master of Science / Dipl.-Ing.

Work Experience

Management Coaching, Advisory und Mediation

  • Supported, coached and consulted business managers in processes of operational and transformational change, decision making and problem solving
  • Guided managers in processes of personal change, development and problem resolution in national and international context
  • Consulted managers, conflicting parties and teams in the process of conflict resolution

Transformation And Change Management

  • Developed the objective, content, design and approach of several pan-European transformation programmess for a global consumer electronics company
  • Executed European business transformations with changes in legal status, finance and tax setup, organisation, process harmonisation, outsourcing, IT systems and headcount with a resulting cost reduction of up to €100 m each
  • Developed and introduced mechanisms, tools and training for the governance and control of pan-European and country-specifc transformations

Business Responsibility

  • Led regional and Germany-wide business structures with €25 m revenue in IT consulting
  • Built and led sales structures for regional and Germany-wide consulting business with €35 m order value
  • Set up and led a European structure with 15 business project managers in charge of the planning and execution of transformation and change initiatives on country and European level

People Management

  • Led, developed and coached employees, managers and teams in various organisational forms and business structures up to a size of 195 employees
  • Managed local, regional and European teams and worked with a virtual setup in an international context
  • Maintained identification and motivation in times of change, restructuring and cultural shifts

Programme And Project Management

  • Led the programme office in complex transformations with several work areas and sub-projects, virtual teams and roll-outs in numerous European countries
  • Coordinated and implemented special Pan-European projects for harmonisation, outsourcing and cost control in various business areas (e.g. sales, marketing, finance, procurement, customer services, logistics, HR, IS, payroll, facility)
  • Managed proposal and bidding processes

Organisational Development

  • Defined, built and led local and international structures and teams for the management of transformation, change, process improvement, consulting and research & development
  • Delivered initiatives for improvement, harmonisation and outsourcing of business processes in nearly all units of a European sales & marketing organisation under the terms of transformation, reorganisation and culture change


...enjoyed working with you...always appreciating the approach you take...and the help and guidance you provided me...
Head of Supply Chain, Europe

...pleasure working with you...we achieved quite staggering changes...without the dedication, support and professionalism they could have gone badly wrong...
Head of Business Group, Europe

...was great working with you...worked so well together and kept a very good spirit and showed great respect and appreciation to each other...
Head of Development, Europe are a decent man first and foremost...
Country Head brought a good structured approach to complex projects and large transformations...appreciated very much your neutral, objective and fact-based approach...
Head of Marketing, Europe

...big Thank You!...I have got inspiration from you...
Transformation Manager, Italy

...we both understood our approach quite well and it was very comfortable...I was very impressed with your professional and light always found a nice way to bring the serious side when it was necessary...was a pleasure for me to watch you at work...
Head of Business Group Operations, Europe

...I really enjoyed your personal style and high level of professionalism...I learned a lot from your well balanced and founded way of approaching challenges...
Country Head 

...always inspiring, always really listening, always accurate, always adding value, always nice...
Project and Change Manager Sales Strategy and Planning, Benelux

...thank you for all the help, advice and support you have given me personally and my group...
Head of Shared Services, Europe

...working with you has been a hugely positive experience for me personally and professionally...
Head of Finance, UK

...have only worked with you briefly but I already have great respect for your capabilities and professionalism...
Head of Business Group, Europe

...have really learned a lot...our talks and discussions – they always resulted in new perspectives and opportunities...
Transformation Manager, Nordic have always been the ultimate professional, calm under pressure, knowledgeable, supportive and a nice guy...could always rely on you for sound advice and someone I could turn to, which I still exploit today...
Head of IS Service, Europe